MSI Creator Awards 2020 Video Editing Submission
For this submission I set out to push my capailities with video editing as testiment to the MSI Content Creation message "Let inspiration take off and create your moments that shine in life". Using purely stock footage, this submission's aim is to show the creative possibilities of video editing through combining the tools of several applications (Adobe Creative Suite in this case) and utilising techniques such as rotoscoping, colour grading and transitional effects
Desolate - Filmsupply edit fest movie trailer Submission returned two years after their previous video editing competition to give participants use of up to 40 video clips, choice of music from in addition to a supply of sound effects provided by I made use of such to create a faux one minute disaster movie trailer, using colour grading and and much use of the Boom Library to achieve the theme and tone I envisioned for such a film.
Heritage - Filmsupply Challenge 2017 Trailer Submission
"At a thematic resort where holiday makers and honeymooners relive their past, not everyone has signed up for the same package"
Participants were given up to 48 video clips and up to 5 music tracks of their choice from and What was chosen was used to create either a faux ad spec, title sequence or trailer.
For my submission, I chose thematic footage and omninous tracks to colour grade and video edit together a thriller that mashes together setting and genre